NGO DINH TRUC / Photography

The Same [Gender]
6 color posters on the streets
30cm x 42cm each
Saigon and Hanoi, 2007.
The Same [Gender] series is one of my personal projects in which I use ready-made photographs to produce bodies of artwork. The interior shots used in this series were created in my practice as a commercial photographer.
The Same [Gender] series aims to unify content with the method of display. How to whisper secretly in public? How to exploit and express the metaphors contained in photographic images? Adding Vietnamse texts that make use of homonymy but with differing meanings turns these neutral photographs into acts of personal criticism. In addition, exhibiting the work in poster form in public places allows my personal message to be reach and be responded to by an extensive social community.
Untitled #9 (The same [gender])