NGO DINH TRUC / Photography

Mobile Studio
A 5-weekend public art project from October 27 to November 25, 2007 in the Bao Loc Project at ACOM Mill, Bao Loc, Vietnam.
I invited 20 workers at ACOM Mill to participate as subjects in Mobile Studio. I invited them to select a setting in which to be photographed, be it in their home, a favorite spot in Bao Loc, or at their workplace. At the appointed time on the day of each shoot, I arrived with my photographic lighting equipment, which I and my assistant set up. Directing the participants to adopt a suitable pose for the setting, I worked with the directional artificial lighting to create my photograph.
My aim was to provide participants with an opportunity to gain an insight into the labour-intensive process involved in creating my photograph, which can take as much time and careful attention as creating a painting or any other kind of artwork. I aimed to enable the participants to feel close to art and to awaken them to the practical benefit of art in their lives, through the enjoyment of the creative process. At the end of the project, I will give each participant a copy of their photograph.